EphedraWhat is the first thing you think about when you have allergies?  I know that I usually blame it all on the weather and I usually end up popping a pill for it every six hours.  Do you realize just how many pills you are truly taking when you do that?  I mean, during allergy season, you could be taking quite a lot of pills if you have bad allergies.

Well, there is a better way that you can deal with allergies and one way is by using Ephedra.  Ephedra is a fantastic herb that really helps with your lungs as well as allergies.  It is also fantastic for healing the heart, the glands, muscles and the tissue of the body.

Just adding in some Ephedra will also help fight any high blood pressure that you may be dealing with.

Planting Herbs

When you think about a flower, that is not usually the thing that I think about when I think herbs – however, the Great Yellow Gentian is actually a flower that you can use for all sorts of things.  This is actually a bitter herb that many, many people use in many of the traditional meds that you may be taking right now.

What the Great Yellow Gentian actually does is it helps with all of your digestive problems and it can also assist with the relief of exhaustion from chronic diseases, which is fantastic.  Basically, the Great Yellow Gentian stimulates the gal bladder and liver while at the same time, making the body very, very strong.

The Great Yellow Gentian is a fantastic plant that you should really consider planting whenever you are looking into an herb garden!

Great Burdock

Planting herbs is something that so many people are doing right now – not only because they want the herbs to cook with but because the herbs can actually be used for medicinal purposes as well. 

Take the Great Burdock for example; this is one plant that is actually used as a blood purifying agent.  This is actually a fantastic herb to have in your garden, if you are intending to plant herbs for medicinal purposes.

This plant in particular actually grows fantastic in the shade; you just want to make sure that the soil is always moist so that the plant will thrive.  You can also use this particular plant for boils, bruises, burns, acne and ringworm as well as bites – remember that!

Ear Infections

Ear infections are something that every single mother and father has to deal with.  Whether your child has an ear infection or you do, everyone on the planet has had them at one stage of their life and they are a pain!  What if there was a way that you could get away from all of the doctors fees and get away from the unnatural meds and get with the natural part of you life?  Well, then you could treat all of these ear infections with some herbs … that is what I can help you with!

Did you know that there are actually two different kinds of ear infections?  The acute and the chronic.  Chronic is going to be when the ear gets infected all of the time, while the acute is usually associated with something like the flu or just a cold.  There are many, many different herbs that can help you with ear infections and some of them include:  Echinacea, Olive lead extracts, Astragalus, Gingko biloba and Goldenseal and those are just to name a few!

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